It’s the last week of 2020! For obvious reasons, I think we’re all hoping and praying that next year is much better than this year. However, still grateful for the blessings and lessons this year brought! Here’s the final #MondayMotivation of 2020 to get this week started.

This quote is particularly relevant to many of us as we contemplate our New Year resolutions or goals. A lot of us may be starting over because things went wrong or we didn’t give our all. It’s all good. It is what it is at this point. We just have to commit to doing better for ourselves. I know I am.

I’m starting over again in several areas behind the scenes: love, fitness, career, and business ventures. Some restarts were my fault; others weren’t. Some are because of new and more challenging opportunities ahead. Regardless, I’m entering into all of them with courage. I’m optimistic that, with the game plans that I have, that my new beginnings will bring about new and great changes to my life.

Again, for obvious reasons, it’s easy to be pessimistic about life these days. I get it. However, I encourage you all to start 2021 with a new and clearer mindset and new goals, believing that they can really happen. Step into the new year with a mind to work and an attitude that your new beginning will bring positive changes to the year ahead.

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