Happy Monday, y’all. Can’t even lie, this #MondayMotivation quote from activist Bryant H. McGill is about me today. However, I hope that it’s a kick in the butt for those who need it.

Thanksgiving is OVER. 2021 is around the corner. And, for me, I refuse to let the pandemic be an excuse for me anymore to not go after my goals in full force. I’ve been slacking even before the holidays hit. Maybe because I wasn’t seeing the results I thought I deserved. Maybe because it’s stressful trying to do everything on this freaking to-do list. Whatever the case, I know I need to step my game up regardless, particularly when it comes to Imperfectly B. Y’all deserve more from me. I owe myself more.

Here’s some tough love for us all. Doing the bare minimum only gets you the bare minimum. You won’t even begin to tap into your potential by making basic moves. By only giving your best, or the most actually required, when it’s convenient for you. Or when you’re motivated. Because, trust me, no matter how much you love what you do, you won’t always be motivated. And that comes from someone running a motivational website!

As I challenge myself, I challenge you all as well. Let’s step up our game where needed. If you’re already pushing hard, this isn’t for you. Keep doing your thing. However, for the rest of us, we owe ourselves way more. Let’s get it.

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