Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Lose Yourself For ‘Influence'”-Trent Shelton

I’m a huge fan of motivational speaker and author Trent Shelton. These Words of Wisdom from him are timely for me and for a lot of others I’m sure, particularly if you are a blogger or influencer.

This week, I’ve seen quite a few creatives and rising influencers I follow discouraged because of the lack of support or engagement on their work. I understand it all too well. You put in so much work for an Instagram sponsored post or a blog post….and then it flops. It can really take its toll on you. OR you find yourself switching up your original ideas and thoughts to create work that you don’t care about to make money or please other people.

In this clip, Trent says to resist the temptation. He encourages influencers especially to remain authentic and transparent and remember that the online world doesn’t reflect the real world. You should never lose yourself for “influence.” You shouldn’t become something you’re not to try to impress people you don’t even know, even if you are trying to make money.

I think it’s important also to know and understand the purpose behind why you’re doing what you do, whether you’re a blogger, influencer, or not. Is it just to make money? Because that superficial reason will eventually catch up with you if you’re in a career or venture solely for that. Or do you truly want to impact people through your style, your knowledge, your talents, etc?

Take it from Trent: “Don’t let this fake perfection world make you think you’re not enough. Your offline life will always be more important than your online perception.”

Watch Trent’s wise words below.

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