Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Let Anybody Talk You Out Of Your Ideas”-Stan Lee

Stan Lee

These Words of Wisdom from the late Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame are so timely! They remind us that we have to stand behind our ideas in spite of what anyone thinks.

In this clip, Stan pushes people not to let others talk them out of the ideas that they really believe in. He refers to them as “idiots,” which I had to laugh at, but, sometimes it’s just people who think they know better or are looking out for you. However, it’s important to stand by your own convictions and try your hand at different things that you genuinely believe in, in spite of what others may think.

As Stan shares in this video, not all of your ideas are going to be amazing. They’re not all going to work. Trust me, I’ve had quite a few misses with ideas that I wanted to do, including trying to do a version of this blog before I was ready. Major fails! However, I refuse to let anybody, including myself, talk me out of at least trying! That’s how you learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

Check out Stan’s Words of Wisdom below.

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