Megan Thee Stallion Launches “Thee Don’t Stop Scholarship” for Women of Color

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion is so hot in music right now that we sometimes forget this girl is still working on her college degree herself. She knows all too well the struggle of being in school, particularly during this coronavirus pandemic. So the rapper is giving back to female students of color with a special scholarship that is sure to help them in their academic pursuits!

Partnering with Amazon Music‘s hip hop brand and playlist, Rap Rotation, Megan will offer scholarships of $10,000 to two deserving female students of color through the appropriately titled “Don’t Stop Scholarship.”

“Still a college student herself, Megan is incredibly passionate about the transformative power of education and remains a strong advocate for women pursuing a college degree,” the scholarship website reads. Many know that Megan is a currently a senior at Texas Southern University pursuing a degree in health administration.

In order to apply, students are required to fill out a form on the Don’t Stop Scholarship website asking for their name, birthday, zip code, email, field of study, the school where they’re currently enrolled, and their year of study. There is also a mandatory essay section, though there is no clear prompt. However, it can be assumed that the applicants can use that section to indicate what this scholarship would mean to them right now in terms of pursuing their academic goals.

Megan is amazing for this. College (and paying for it) is a struggle for a lot of people already, but, in the midst of this pandemic, it’s become even harder to stay focused on the prize. Hopefully, this scholarship will help two young ladies who really need not only the financial help but the encouragement!

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