Monday Motivation

This #MondayMotivation quote I found for today isn’t even applicable just to the hardest journey. This is applicable to ANY journey – whether it be your career, your business, your relationship, whatever.

Not even going to lie to y’all, I’m feeling a tad bit overwhelmed today. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes, and, as I prepare to turn THIRTY this week (!!!), I’m feeling some pressure. Pressure to turn the heat up on my career, this website, and other things I have going on.

Then the phrase “One step at a time” came into my head. I can’t do it ALL, and I certainly can’t do it all at the same time. Societal and cultural pressure, especially for black women like me,  SCREAM to have multiple streams of income, create generational wealth, and strive for excellence. Granted, I want all of those things, but trying to achieve it all at one time is stressing me!

So I remembered that I just have to do what I can do, one step and one day at a time. Now, this doesn’t mean you can cheat the grind. You still have to put in work! But it also means to give yourself a little grace. People’s highlights on social media will have you feeling like you have to have everything figured out right here and now. BULL. Just take your goal or dream piece by piece. A little progress will add up! You will certainly have slip-ups and setbacks.  However, you’ve got to keep stepping to get to those big results you dream of. 

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