Words of Wisdom: “Believe You Can, No Matter What Anyone Says”-Aaliyah


Saw these Words of Wisdom from the late singer Aaliyah and I just had to share them with you all today. I hope and pray that it motivates someone to rise above any naysayers and continue after the dream.

In this clip, Aaliyah admits that there were people at record companies who didn’t believe in her and her ability as an entertainer. However, she believed in herself and that was enough. “Of course, it was painful. I mean, rejection is painful,” she said in an interview. “But I felt deep in my heart and in my soul that I had it and that I would do it and that I could do it. And I honestly believed that, no matter what anybody said.” She believed that she was a star and she kept pressing through, and proved herself.

You have to have that confidence in yourself and believe that, no matter what anyone may say or think, you are meant for greatness in your life. Sometimes, it’s even believing you can, no matter what you can even see right now or how things look. Having that confidence in yourself and your gifts is essential to being the best you can be.

Watch these words below from a woman who was wise beyond her years. Still saddened that she is no longer with us, even after all of these years. Continue to rest in peace, Aaliyah.

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