Dwayne Johnson Partners With Acorns To Make Special Investment For High School Grad

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has partnered with investment app Acorns to make a surprise investment for a new high school grad from Florida.

A young woman by the name of Lorraine Angelakos wrote Dwayne a touching letter, asking him to speak at her high school graduation before things shut down due to COVID. Lorraine, a high school graduate from Pompano Beach High School in Florida, sent Dwayne $7, which is an important number in his life. So moved by her letter and small gift, he decided to do something special for her.

The $7 Lorraine gifted to Dwayne symbolized the last $7 he had in his account years ago after he got cut from the Canadian Football League just two days after playing in his first professional game. He moved back home with his parents and was in a bad depression, before deciding to get back into training and become a professional wrestler. The rest is history, but he never forgot that moment as a turning point in his life.

“Lorraine, I told you that I was going to do something special with that seven bucks,” the actor said in a video on Instagram. “And what I’ve done with that seven bucks — I kept my promise — I know you’re starting college and I want you to know that I’ve taken that seven bucks and opened an Acorns account in your name starting with seven bucks because its what I started with, so you’re starting it with it too.” He added, “Every week, for the rest of your four-year college education, acorns will be depositing seven bucks into your account.”

If you didn’t know, Acorns is committed to helping people invest small amounts of money while not hurting their budget. Small, consistent investments like this add up! Dwayne and his business partner Dany Garcia had recently teamed up with the investment app for a new program to encourage families to begin investing in their children’s future early on. The Acorns Early Account allows parents to start that investment, and Acorns gives them an extra $7 to start.

This was a special gift that will pay off for Lorraine in the end and, hopefully, gets her into investing long-term!


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