Cartier Carey

Eleven-Year-Old Donates Over 22,000 Diapers To Single Moms From Lemonade Stand Money

Since the coronavirus hit, there has been a shortage of different items across the country. When a young boy from Hampton, Virginia, noticed that diapers were on that list, at least in his area, he was determined to help.

In a story shared by Good Morning America, 11-year-old Cartier Carey has been raising money this summer to help single moms struggling to find diapers in stores. Seeing that there were no diapers in the stores around Hampton, he wanted to do something about it.

Cartier started a lemonade stand, selling lemonade and other snacks, to help out. His stand also served as a place where people could donate money or any diapers they had or were able to find in other places. In just one month, he was able to raise $4,500 and 22,000 diapers were distributed to moms in need. 

Cartier and his mom also run a non-profit organization, Kids 4 Change,” which is dedicated to helping more people in their community. The young boy has even been able to recruit other kids to help with his cause.

I love stories like this! It’s always heartwarming to see kids making a positive impact in their area.

Watch more of Cartier’s story below!

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