It’s a new week and that means….yup, some #MondayMotivation! This quote from author Robert Collier reminds us that success takes consistent effort––day by day, piece by piece.

In the world of viral videos and overnight social media stars, it’s easy to think that you will blow up at random, and that may very well be the case. It really only takes one big opportunity to open the door for you. However, most “overnight successes” have been working in their field for YEARS on the low.  But they didn’t quit.

That’s what this quote is saying. It’s easy to get on but not so easy to STAY on. Longterm success comes from doing the work consistently each day. Small efforts and successes, along with a lot of setbacks – day by day.

Those years of work prepare you to handle the level of success that you claim to want. So don’t be surprised or upset with the time that it takes to get to higher heights. Just keep your head down, hone your craft, and do the work. Your time will come!

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