Eric Thomas

Words of Wisdom: “Let Your Pain Push You To Another Level”-Eric Thomas

I really want these Words of Wisdom from motivational speaker Eric Thomas to really resonate with you like they did with me.

I don’t like or want to romanticize struggle, but, like the popular phrase my Nana used to share, “Into each life, a little rain must fall.” None of us go through this life unscathed, but it’s how we manage our pain that matters.

We all have stories of pain, heartbreak, loss, and rejection. Many of us hide from or quit our dreams altogether when we suffer setbacks and pain, but that’s honestly a part of the process.

I’ve had to shift my perspective when it comes to the issues that often arise when it comes to my work. I’ve now realized that, with each new level I hit or each new venture I get into, difficult moments are going to come. I’m so used to it by now that it barely phases me anymore.

I take the hit, recover from it, and then I keep moving because what else am I going to? I know I’ve come way too far now to quit. Invested too much time, money, and energy to get to where I’m going. I know you have too.

So, it’s weird to think about but, let the pain fuel you. Let the losses motivate you to try even harder. Use that pain to propel you to another level.

Watch Eric’s video below.

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