Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Expect People to Understand the Vision God Gave You”-Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown

These Words of Wisdom from actress and social media personality Tabitha Brown are words that we all need reminding of from time to time. I’m hoping it encourages someone today that is struggling with needing outside validation for their vision from people around them.

This clip reminds us that other people may not understand the calling that has been placed over our lives…and that’s perfectly okay.

Tabitha breaks it down by comparing that vision to a prescription for your glasses. (I know I can’t see A LICK without my glasses or contacts, y’all!) Well, if somebody tries to see out of your prescription, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll be able to see clearly because that’s YOUR prescription. It’s been customized just for you, based on your needs for your eyesight.

The same goes with our calling! “It’s just like the vision that God gave to you. You get upset ’cause other folks can’t see it,” Tabitha shared in the video. “Well, He didn’t give it to them. Baby, He gave it to YOU.” Sheesh. Watch Tabitha speak on this below!

I had this conversation with my sister the other day. I no longer get upset that other people “don’t get it” or “don’t support” what I’m doing. My job isn’t to convince them to get it.

My job is to do the work that I’m supposed to be doing for the people who will get it. For the people who need these words to be encouraged.

This is for y’all, too. Don’t worry about who in your life is with you. Worry about your vision and it impacting the people it’s supposed to. No one else.

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