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Inspirational Jam: “Green Tea Ice Cream”-Linda Diaz

“Do you even know what you’re working toward? Slow down, you’re burning out…at the end of your wick now…”

Another Inspirational Jam for you all today! This one comes from soul singer Linda Diaz.

With her song “Green Tea Ice Cream”, Linda was actually the winner of the 2020 Tiny Desk Contest from NPR Music, picked from over 6,000 entries by a team of judges! The track encourages listeners to not get caught up in the rat race of life (that is: working your 9-5, side hustles, brand deals, seeking influence, power, and money, etc). Meanwhile, you could be missing out on the most important things like gratitude, living in your purpose, or experiencing true joy with those around you.

Linda admitted that the song came after some difficult moments in her life. In a short span of time, her grandfather died, she got broken up with and she lost her job. “I think this song was a realization that I had an opportunity to build something new and if I was going to do that,” she said in an interview with NPR. “I needed to be honest with myself about what I value and what I love and what I need in my life.” Whew…don’t I know it, girl! 

The artist went on to encourage her listeners to focus on their morals and purpose instead of what other people want or expect from you. “I do think it is a radical thing to be like, ‘I’m happy and I’m focusing on my joy and I’m focusing on my purpose and I’m not necessarily focusing on an audience or what other people want from me,'” Linda shared. “If you’re going through something difficult, no matter how little or much you have, you always have yourself and you always have your values and you always have your morals. So how can you lead your life in a way that best aligns with that so that you’re successful by your own standards?” 

Take a listen to “Green Tea Ice Cream” below!

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