Tia Mowry Set To Develop Lighthearted TV Series About Families In Quarantine

Tia Mowry

With everything going on in the world from the pandemic to racial injustice, many of us can use laughs and lighthearted moments right now. Well, Tia Mowry has a new show in the works that is going to perfect for that!

In a report from Deadline, the actress will host Tia Mowry’s Challenge Accepted, produced by Kin and Jukin Media featuring families finding fun things together to do in quarantine!

The series will “showcase humorous moments that families have experienced during quarantine” and will feature weekly home challenges, including viewer-submitted challenges. And, of course, Tia’s family will make a few appearances in the series. “When I first had the idea for the show, I knew working with Kin on it would be a perfect fit,” she shared in a statement. “I am excited to get to know and work with the team at Jukin as well.”

Tia has worked with Kin on her own digital shows Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix and Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix Presents Comfort Kitchen on Facebook Watch. Kin CEO Michael Wayne stated that he believes Tia’s “star power” and this fun idea will attract big audiences. “The show will provide all the fun, light-hearted moments that families are really seeking in their programming given the state of the world right now,” added Jukin Media founder/CEO Jonathan Skogmo.

I like the idea of this because I know I have needed some laughs and times of reprieve during this pandemic. I shared the struggles of living alone in quarantine recently, and I know that other people are dealing with their own issues during this time as well. Sometimes, you need to shut out the bad for a second and be reminded of the good things in life and the fun that can still be had. Hopefully, this show is helpful for that!

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