#ImperfectChat: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself To Discover Your Life’s Purpose

A few years ago, a dear friend of mine recently came up to me, congratulating me on Imperfectly B, and stated, “I wish I knew what I was meant to do like you do.” Y’all. Our purpose is already within us, but we just have to do some self-reflection and consider what it may be. 

I was blessed to know mine at an early age, and others do too. However, some, like my friend was, may be struggling to find what theirs is. There are a few simple questions you have to ask yourself. I break it down in an #ImperfectChat video with some guided bullet points to help you out!

Watch below:

Here’s the recap:

“What do I truly love and am great at?”
What really sets your soul on fire? What do you love learning more about? What do people tell you that you seem to have a real knack for? What comes natural? What automatically came to mind as you were reading this paragraph?

“What causes, beliefs, topics, or ideas do I connect with?”
Once you find what it is that you’re actually passionate about, find a specific niche. Whatever your cause, make it something you actually like, not something you think will make the most money or get the most attention.

“How can I best implement it?”
So you have what you’re great at doing and you have a topic you want it to center around. The next question is how can you best share your work?

“How can I make it my own?”
There’s so much of everything these days–bloggers, podcasters, artists, speakers, you name it. But what separates us all is simply our own voices.

“Am I seriously willing to fight for this?”
If your goal is something you’re flaky about, or give up at the first hint of trouble, it may not be what you’re meant for. You will probably have some setbacks, distractions, and other hardships along the way, so are you going to fight for what you believe is yours?

Do you know what your purpose in life is? Are you considering now what it might be? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Watch me break this down more below.

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