This #MondayMotivation quote from celebrated author Mark Twain is the push we all need to keep working at our goals rather than putting them off because of some unrealistic goal of perfection.

I don’t rule my life by astrology, but I’m a Libra and the oldest child. Both of those have the characteristic of being a perfectionist. I’ve always been the one to try to have my ducks in a row and, if and when things don’t go according to plan, I lose it. My anxiety flares up. I almost go into breakdown mode. Shoot, this entire website almost didn’t come together because I was so worried about everything being just right.

BUT, over time, I’ve learned that plans fall apart. I’m still failing and picking myself up. I’m still working on becoming a better writer and businesswoman. The most important thing is actually trying and getting better as time goes on.

I’d rather try, fail, and learn from my mistakes than to never try at all. OR to delay what I want to work on just because it’s not “perfect” or the timing isn’t right. Not to say that you shouldn’t be strategic in your planning, but I’ve written before that the “perfect moment” to work on your goals will never come. There will always be something seemingly in the way or something that seems a little bit off with your idea.

GO FOR IT ANYWAY. You’ll get better over time, but you’ll never move forward if you don’t keep taking steps. Even the tiniest of ones are progress.

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