Inspirational Jam: “My Shot”-The Roots (from Hamilton The Mixtape)


I refuse to ever lose or throw my shot away or chalk it up as just another one that got away. So I’m unapologetic, I’m on my calisthenics…If I have given it all I got I cannot regret it…”

Like many of us, I FINALLY got to see Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s Hamilton years later, with the original cast, all thanks to Disney+. I loved the original music so being able to see it on stage from the comfort of my living room was EVERYTHING. BUT what I didn’t know what that there was a whole other mixtape with artists that did their own take of the play’s music!

So, for today’s Inspirational Jam, we have “My Shot (Rise Up Remix)” by The Roots featuring features Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz & Nate Ruess.

Before anybody tries to comment or email me about the “historical accuracy” of the play, let me save you time. Sure, there are a lot of creativity liberties taken with the musical for entertainment purposes, but it’s a MUSICAL, not a history book. For me, the play had a lot of great messages that can be applied to life today, including making the most of each opportunity that you’re given and taking risks. That’s where I’m at in my life and that’s what this remix and the original song is about.

As Alexander Hamilton did in the play, we have to be willing to take chances and use the shots that we’re given to catapult to other levels. I refuse to let any more opportunities pass me by because I’m nervous I’ll mess up or think that I’m not good enough. Nah, I’m going to TRY and, if I fail, I fail. I’ll pick up and keep moving, but I’m never throwing away another shot again!

Take a listen to the song below.

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