Words of Wisdom: Stop Having Unrealistic Expectations Of Yourself-Jordan Syatt

Jordan Syatt

Today’s powerful Words of Wisdom will come from strength training and nutrition consultant Jordan Syatt.

Even though the overall message of this video was referring to fitness, the second clip can be applied to pretty much every goal you have, especially if you’re currently feeling stuck.

With every goal, weight loss or not, we experience plateaus or moments where we feel like we’re at a standstill. In the second video, Jordan gives the analogy of being on a train on the way to work. The train makes different stops along the way, but you’re still nowhere near work. Even with delays, more than likely you’re not just getting off. The only way to keep making headway towards work is by staying on the train.

The same goes for any of your goals. Just because you seem like you’re delayed or stuck, it doesn’t mean that you should stop working towards what you want in the long run. You have to be comfortable with the “boring part of the process” where you just sit there and plug away at your work, even when it seems like you’re not progressing. “Stop being impatient. Stop being illogical. Stop having unrealistic expectations of yourself,” Jordan shares.

Watch Jordan’s Words of Wisdom below.

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