New week and another new #MondayMotivation quote for you all. This one is from author Chris Brogan and encourages us all to not settle for anything in life.

In this life, I struggle (we all do at times) with “going along to get along” for whatever reason. I’ve stuck with bad jobs or gigs because, a) I needed the money, b) it was a “good job,” and c) I needed the freaking money. I’ve stuck with bad habits or processes that could have been improved simply because they were comfortable. I’ve been in bad relationships and not stood up for myself and my needs out of fear of arguments or ending up alone (that’s a whole other conversation for a whole other day). All forms of SETTLING.

However, it was all hurting me in the long run. I wasn’t happy or fulfilled in different areas. So I made the commitment to myself last year to never settle again. No matter what.

Life is too short to settle for anything––including careers, relationships, and yes, even bad books, movies, and customer service. Who has time for anyone or anything that isn’t [ultimately] making you better or happier in some way? You may not enjoy every day, but, if every day is complete trash, it’s time to re-evaluate some life decisions and the direction of your life.

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