Viola Davis

Words of Wisdom: “You’re Worth It”-Viola Davis

I have to kick off this new month with this powerful Words of Wisdom clip from one of my favorite actresses of all time, Viola Davis. I hope and pray that this clip helps us all to push past our doubts and fears towards new goals this month and beyond. AND that July 2020 doesn’t give us any more trouble, because these past six months have been A MESS.

This was a video that Viola had posted on her Instagram and that had circulated for beauty brand L’Oréal about a month ago. However, many of us saw it during a commercial break during the BET Awards 2020 on June 28. In the video, Viola talks about the importance of us all knowing our worth. Something that we’ve heard before, but it’s her message behind it that makes you feel like you can stand on top of the world!

“Do you really understand what that means?” she asked. “You have reason and rarity. There is value in each and every one of us, including you, that is precious even on the days when you might not feel it. You never depreciate in value.” SHEESH. Viola then commands us to silence our inner critics and to firmly say: I’M WORTH IT.

It’s a phrase we really have heard over and over, but do we actually believe it? Do we assert our worth and stand firm in it? But dag, I needed to hear it. I needed to affirm myself right now. I’m sure there are others out there who do too. Many of us downplay our gifts and talents a lot, feeling like we’re not good enough, smart enough, or whatever else enough to be successful. That’s not true. We are capable and able to do all that we have been purposed to do. We just have to believe that and walk in it.

I’m going to be talking about this a lot this month because we all need to be reminded, even me, that we are worth it. We’re worth the new job, better finances, new love, etc. WE’RE WORTH IT. Say it. Believe it. Move in it.

Watch Viola’s Words of Wisdom below!

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