Woman Gets Incredible Makeover From Local Female Entrepreneurs After Video Of Her Thrown in Dumpster Surfaces

Woman transformation


Recently, a 30-year-old woman known as Diva (also known as @stonelover43 on Instagram) in Washington, D.C. sadly went viral after being thrown in a dumpster by men in the area.  I’m not even going to share that disgusting video or other details. The point is that others saw it and wanted to step in to show this girl some love, including some female entrepreneurs in her own area!

Chef Gee, who runs her own catering business in D.C., shared pictures and videos of this girl getting a full makeover from artists in the area who came together to support her. Chef Gee reached out to these a full team of stylists who gave her a new hairstyle, did her makeup, and brought her some new clothes. And it was all to support her after this terrible and traumatic incident.

“THIS GIRL WAS SO FULL OF JOY THE ENTIRE 6 Hours we were together she made us all laugh, and cry,” Chef Gee shared on Instagram. “I just want her to remember what I told her!!!! YOU ARE A QUEEN AND WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE IN MY [HEART].” People are also donating to Diva’s CashApp ($BellyRollCash) to show her more love. 

Diva was beautiful either way, but the transformation was so wonderful. What was even better was that women came together to support and uplift this queen’s spirits and they were able to do just that. 

Watch Diva’s reaction to the transformation below!

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