This #MondayMotivation quote is truly personal for me. I hope that it pushes you all this week and beyond.

I’ll admit, I’ve been struggling lately. Between the quarantine and everything that I have going on, I’ve been on an emotional trip lately. I’ve been running from doing certain things or running towards certain things simply because it was easy and comfortable. And, while I’ve been giving myself a little room to breathe and relax during these hard times, I know that I have to do some work on myself even when it’s uncomfortable.

I’ve been struggling with healing from a bad breakup, binge eating, regrets, forgiving myself, and other things. Since I’ve been inside, I haven’t had all of these activities and events to keep my mind from wandering so I’ve been forced to do the work on myself. Journaling, praying, exercising, dancing on my good days, and crying on my bad ones. I’ve had to confront the issues that I need to work on in a healthier way, so I’m not running to food or contacting the wrong people to get me through it.

This quote may not be for everyone but I hope that whoever is supposed to read this one takes it all in. It’s time to work on the issues that you’ve been struggling with in order to become the best you that you can possibly be.

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