Words of Wisdom: “Upgrade Your Skills”-Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik

I hope that these Words of Wisdom from author and learning expert Jim Kwik motivates someone to step his or her game up in with a craft. I know it’s motivating me!

In the clip, particularly towards the beginning, Jim talks about the importance of upgrading your skills, especially in the trying times that we’re living in right now. “You do not want to downgrade your skills to meet your current situation,” Jim advised. “You want to upgrade your capabilities, your methods, your skills to meet your dreams.” 

More often than not, we get lax about the skills that we have, thinking that we know it all or know enough to still be successful. However, we should always be honing our crafts, no matter what they are! 

I’ve been guilty of this as a writer and creative, but I couldn’t be. My world as a blogger and nano influencer is constantly changing. There is always so much to learn out there to become better and that’s what I’m determined to do. How about you?

Watch Jim’s Words of Wisdom in the clip below!

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