It’s another Monday and I’m starting with better energy than I had last week. Here’s another #MondayMotivation to push you a little harder for the week ahead.

Interestingly, I just wrapped a “Consistency Challenge” last month that was led by influencer Mattie James. The challenge was to post every day on Instagram which was hard but rewarding. I saw just how  I know the importance of being consistent with any of the goals I have, but I’ll admit, I struggle. I tend to fall off of stuff easily or at least in how hard I actually work for it. Or I have one big moment of greatness and then I rest on my laurels a bit.

I can’t keep talking the talk without walking the walk. My consistency has to be on a whole other level in order to achieve what I have in mind. 

The same may go for you. We can’t keep having these moments of greatness and not follow through consistently. We’ll stay stuck in the same old spots otherwise. You notice I’m saying “we” because, clearly, we’re in this together! Let’s challenge ourselves to push past procrastination, laziness, fear or whatever else is holding us back from being consistent.

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