Words of Wisdom: “Give Yourself A Chance To Recharge”-Arianna Huffington

I wanted to share these great Words of Wisdom from Arianna Huffington with you all today.

In an interview with Ashley Graham, Arianna spoke on the importance of taking time to recharge, even in the midst of a busy schedule. Moments of rest and relaxation often lead to more productivity and better ideas.

We often feel like we have to sacrifice all of this sleep or relaxation in order to be successful and achieve our tasks for the day. Slowly, I’m realizing that that’s not necessarily true. I don’t get the typical eight hours but I can get in a good five and be well-rested. I find that helps me to be more productive (not just busy!) throughout the day and achieve things on my to-do list. Without proper rest, I’m all over the place and not as focused.

So it’s okay to take time to sleep or even to lay around and do nothing for a bit. I give myself at least an hour a day to just watch a show, journal, or dance around my living room. Whatever I can do to decompress and relax for a bit. I encourage you all to do the same.

Watch Arianna’s Words of Wisdom below.


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