Inspirational Jam: “New Kings”-Danity Kane

New Kings Danity Kane

“I never cared to dress in what’s expected, yeah, I always wanted to stand apart. I never gave a damn about all your opinions…I just did what’s in my heart…”

Back with another Inspirational Jam for the week. I love featuring great, uplifting music so be sure to hit me up if you know some great songs that should be featured.

With this one today, I was surprised to hear it. To be honest, I thought Danity Kane was officially over but it seems that members Aubrey O’Day and Dawn Richard are pushing on (Shannon Bex is reportedly still a part of the group but working on other projects). Nonetheless, this song “New Kings” is definitely one of my new favorites!

This song is all about not conforming to societal expectations (or any others for that matter!). I talk about it ALL THE TIME but it’s important, especially in this era of social media, for y’all (and me!) to remember that you don’t have to become someone you’re not to impress anybody. Authenticity is key because, in a world full of copies, originality stands out! Instead of taking the path that everyone is on (whether it comes to looks, personality, morals, whatever), take the road less traveled. You’ll be better for it in the end.

Take a listen to the song below!

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