Chelsea's Charity

10-Year-Old Creates Art Kits For Over 1,500 Kids In Foster Care and Homeless Shelters During Quarantine

This 10-year-old girl has turned a traumatic experience into a major triumph by bringing art to over 1,500 kids currently in foster care and homeless shelters during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Chelsea Phaire, who resides in Danbury, CT, started her own nonprofit organization, Chelsea’s Charity, with her parents back in August 2019 which supplies art kits to at-risk children. Since the charity’s inception, she has donated hundreds of art kits to homeless shelters, women’s shelters, and schools impacted by gun violence in 12 US states.

Chelsea found that art was therapeutic for her after losing her swim coach to gun violence at the age of eight. “Art therapy is being prescribed a lot more to support the mental health of young kids, especially those with social and emotional deficiencies,” Chelsea’s mom, Candace Phaire, an early childhood education professor and former teacher, said in an interview with CNN. “Now with Covid-19, a lot of kids in shelters and also children in foster homes might not have access to art supplies they usually find in school. It’s also mental health awareness month, so that’s definitely motivating us to ramp it up to send even more kits.”

All of these kits have crayons, gel pens, coloring books, paper, and colored pencils to spark creativity. It’s a means of giving kids a way to express themselves in hard times and has become more necessary during these times of quarantine.  Since the pandemic, Chelsea and her family have managed to create and donate at least 1,500 art kits.

Chelsea has been interested in starting her own charity since she was seven and begged her parents for a long while to do it. They finally consented when she turned 10 and Chelsea’s Charity was born. With donations from people all over the country, Chelsea continues to collect supplies for the kits through her charity’s Amazon wishlist.

I absolutely love this! It’s amazing that this little girl and her family have been able to impact so many in such a short amount of time. I know firsthand how much have creative outlets meant to me as a kid and even now as an adult. Glad to see that Chelsea is using her creativity to positively impact other kids!

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