Words of Wisdom: “Sacrifice Is A Prerequisite For Growth”-Inky Johnson

Today’s Words of Wisdom comes from motivational speaker Inky Johnson. He’s really become a favorite of mine in the past year or so!

In this clip from one of his speaking events, Inky talks about how any growth that we want to achieve in our lives is going to take more from us. More sacrifice. More discipline. More drive. More commitment. It’s going to take the sacrifice of the old person that you were. 

It could honestly be growth in anything–business, family, finances, healing, whatever. “If I gotta convince you to do something that you said you wanted to do, it’s not for you,” Inky shared. “You can’t be who you used to be and you’re going to be at the same time.” 

WHOO. Talk about a WORD. I’ve been dealing with this very topic for myself for the past few months. I know what I want out of life now, but I know I need to shed bad habits and do more on a personal and professional front to get there. Sacrificing parts of who I am that hold me back to get to where I want to be. Trust me, you’re going to feel him on this.

Watch Inky speak below!

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