LOL: Boy “Preaches” About Why He Can’t Do His Homeschool Work In Hilarious Viral Video

Y’all, this video was too funny not to share on the site.

Mom Rosalyn Pollard Hart shared a funny video of her son Ramon attempting to get out of doing schoolwork at home during the quarantine. In the now-viral clip, the boy mimics a preacher while waiting for a school video to slowly load, talking about it’s a sign from up above that he needs to take a break.

When the video finally loads, Rosalyn says, “So what God telling you? To do your work!” The boy responds in his “preacher” voice, “No, He’s still telling me to take a break! See how He paused it?” AFTER THIS BOY HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON HIMSELF!

Man, oh man, this had me in tears. This also reminds me that kids watch and mimic EVERYTHINGGGG!!!

Watch the hilarious video below!

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