Words of Wisdom: “Stop Watching Other People Live Their Dreams”-Trent Shelton

I rock heavy with this Words of Wisdom clip today from Trent Shelton, especially in this phase of my life. I hope that it motivates you all today in a powerful way.

In this clip, Trent talks about how we each have to stop sitting on the sidelines, watching people live their lives and do great things. It’s time for us to get in the game ourselves. As Trent grew (first as a football player and now as a motivational speaker), he realized that he didn’t just want to watch greatness or be around it. He wanted to be great himself. “Stop being a spectator of other people’s lives, and go elevate yours. They human just like you,” he wrote in his caption. Whoo…I felt that.

This is exactly where I’ve been in my life. I love seeing other people win and grow. It’s great motivation. However, I have to actually do the work for myself if I want to continue to see growth and change in my life. The same goes for each of us. So are you sitting on the sidelines right now, or are you getting in the game? 

Watch Trent’s Words of Wisdom below!

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