Words of Wisdom: “Your Efforts Should Be In Alignment With Your Desired Destination”-Mahershala Ali

Mahershala Ali

I needed to see this Words of Wisdom clip this week from actor Mahershala Ali. It’s a reminder that I need to focus on what

During an interview, Mahershala shared that he wished he had understood the value of time and of putting stronger effort into his goals. He admitted that his effort wasn’t always in line with what he wanted to do. Instead, he focused on chasing girls and chilling.

I know there have been plenty of times where I should have been focused more on my goals. I could probably be further ahead of some things if I didn’t let other trivial moments distract me. I’ve really learned the importance of making the most of your time over the years. I’ve also learned that, for big goals, your efforts really have to match that. I’ve been focused now on REALLY putting in the work. Applying pressure in my own life, for real. How about you?

Watch the clip below!


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