Another Monday! Looking forward to the start of a new week…how about you? Here’s a #MondayMotivation quote from inspirational author Orison Swett Marden to start the day off strong!

Many of us like to dream big, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Changing our realities start with big dreams. However, if we’re real, some of us wait around on some big opportunity to fall out of the sky rather than focusing on the work and growth right in front of us that we need to make happen.

Man, I’m so guilty of this. I’m always dreaming, thinking, and working for some big moment for me out in the universe waiting for me somewhere. An opportunity that will change EVERYTHING. I dream of doing this site, my Zumba class, and everything else on such a huge level. And I believe it will come true one day. However, my focus right now is on being consistent with the regular tasks that I have ahead of me and sticking to the small stuff. Like just networking (virtually now) with people who I have common interests with and working on building my social media and Zumba class. That’s where I have the chance to become great. It’s the little moments of progress that ultimately add up to big results after all.

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