Inspirational Jam: “Here’s Where I Stand”-Tiffany Taylor

“Here’s where I stand, here’s who I am…love me, but don’t tell me who I have to be…”

I love this Inspirational Jam from Tiffany TaylorCamp is one of my favorite movies (and the first time I saw Anna Kendrick), and this is my favorite song from that movie. The song is all about standing confidently in yourself, in spite of how others may feel. 

In the movie, Tiffany’s character struggled with her parents about her weight. They made her feel like she wasn’t good enough because she was bigger and even had her mouth sewn shut to stop her from eating solid foods. It was bad. She quietly stood by the whole movie until the very end where she took a stand for herself.

Like this character, I have had some opposition from others around me, including people I love. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the importance of setting boundaries and standing firm for what I need for myself. That’s why I love this song so much.

Watch the official performance below!

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