Words of Wisdom: “Change The Way You Think”-Robin Roberts

Some positive Words of Wisdom from the legendary Robin Roberts today!

In an interview with fitness trainer Shaun T on his Trust and Believe Podcast, Robin shared that the first thing she does in the morning is meditation to get her day started off right. Before all of the noise and craziness hits, she starts her day in silence. One of the mantras she shares during that moment is “You have to change the way you think to change the way you feel.” 

I’m not always in the best mood each day, but I know the power of my thinking. Not every day is going to be good, but, if I start off in a more optimistic mood, I can change how I feel during certain moments of my day. That’s what Robin is sharing in this video.

I need to start my own day in total silence, to be honest. My first inclination is always to run to my desk and get to work. Starting off the day in reflection and prayer is a big goal I’m working on to get my days started in a more positive way.

Watch the inspirational message below!


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