It’s a new week and that means a new #MondayMotivation quote to get this week started right! I want to share some thoughts behind this quote from the late civil rights leader Whitney M. Young, Jr.

I gravitate towards this quote because, at the beginning of my writing career, I have had opportunities pass me by because I wasn’t prepared for them. I’ve lost some deals, not because they weren’t meant for me, but simply because I wasn’t able to handle them properly. Oh, the lessons learned. I realized early on that time management, deadlines for self, batching posts, taking classes and other vital tasks were going to be important for me to be successful. I couldn’t half-do things or I would always be behind. I’m determined to never miss a great opportunity for myself again. 

The same goes for all of us. If we want something to happen, for our business, brand, whatever, we have to make sure we’re prepared for major things to happen. We need to constantly work towards stronger skills and better education to handle the success we want to achieve. That way, when that time comes, we’ll be ready. 

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