LOL: Vlogger LadBaby “Hacks” McDonald’s For His Son During Coronavirus Quarantine

This video was too adorable not to share!

Mark Hoyle, aka LadBaby, recently shared a video of a surprise he had for his family. He has promised his now 4-year-old that he was going to bring him a Happy Meal from McDonald’s for his birthday this past week. However, since COVID-19 hit, all McDonald’s (like most operations across the world) in the UK are closed. Sadly, he had to explain to the young boy that they couldn’t go right now. However, he came up with the greatest plan to “hack” McDonald’s for his son.

Mark literally made an indoor “drive-thru” for his son using tape, a drive-thru simulator, and some other handy tools. He even snagged some nuggets and fries from the store and a small toy to make a real meal for his son. So the little boy was able to get his Happy Meal after all!

Ugh, be still my heart…too cute! Watch the adorable video below.

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