Words of Wisdom: “Where Are You Applying Pressure?”-Sarah Jakes Roberts

For today’s Words of Wisdom, I had to share these thoughts from author, speaker, and businesswoman Sarah Jakes Roberts! In these crazy days with the coronavirus and quarantine, this one is vital to still make the progress we need towards our goals.

In this clip, Sarah brings up the quarantine and the uncertain times ahead. It’s definitely unnerving, especially with the rate that everything is going down. However, are we just going to take this time to relax and sit or are we going to make some moves happen during this downtime?  “Are you just sitting back and letting this thing happen or have you decided that ‘Now is the time that I will apply pressure?'” Sarah asks her audience. “It’s time for you to become everything God has called you to be.”

You can easily use this quarantine to just chill and binge Netflix or take your naps without doing much of anything. Granted, I’ve been multitasking over here myself, but I’m still working! Making investments in myself and my future while I have this time to really do things like I wanted. To learn and try new things. To see where I can improve. To really, REALLY step my game up for me.

You can take this downtime to do what you’ve been wanting to do for the longest. Maybe that’s working on your book or learning a new skill. To put in some work on your fitness with virtual workouts. Maybe it’s just finally cleaning out your closets. Whatever it is, it’s time to get it done. For real this time.

Where are you applying pressure in your own life, especially during this quarantine?

Watch Sarah’s Words of Wisdom below…


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