Utah Neighborhood Holds Social Distancing Zumba Class

With the coronavirus spreading across the world and so many quarantined in their homes, people are getting creative when it comes to connecting with others. I know I’ve done quite a few virtual fitness classes hosted by myself and others, but I loved this one!

A community in Utah held an outdoor Zumba class where everyone stayed in their own backyards while a former instructor named Heather Skousen Doney gave instructions over a bullhorn. They all stayed far enough apart to stay safe but still got a good workout in. It was clear that they were having so much fun while burning some calories.

I love how people are still taking the time to connect with others like this. Plus, I love Zumba and I know that it’s going to be important to stay active with gyms closed right now. I’m not trying to gain weight by not moving and eating up all my quarantine snacks!

Watch a clip of this special Zumba class below…

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