Jade Novah

Inspirational Jam: “Stages”-Jade Novah

“I’ve let some people down, didn’t fight back…made some choices that were good and some I want back. Went through s**t only to end up runnin’ right back…I got issues, but we all got issues like that…”

I love this new album Stages from singer Jade Novah but especially the title track! So much so, that I made it an Inspirational Jam in hopes to encourage someone. It’s definitely encouraging to me.

On “Stages,” Jade takes listeners through a brief walk through her life. Her struggles, her wins, her ups and downs. It was a reminder that, in life, you go through these different stages that shape you into the person that you are today. Everything isn’t always good, but you learn and you grow with each passing day.

This song really resonated with me as I’ve been reflecting recently over my own life and decisions made. There have been some great moments and some downright terrible ones. There have been some wise decisions and some dumb choices made. However, they’re all a part of my journey and I wouldn’t take any of them back. Meh, I lied….maybe one or two. But I can appreciate the lessons learned and the growth attained through each of my stages. How about you?

Take a listen to the track below!

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