Words of Wisdom: “Have A Passion for the Process”-Jesse Itzler

I won’t even lie, I’m kind of dragging this week. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes. However, these Words of Wisdom from businessman Jesse Itzler woke me up!

In this clip, Jesse talks about falling in love with the process of getting to your goals, not the results or the product/service you’re working on. Yes, you should have a passion for what you do, but the process behind the scenes isn’t always easy. The hard work and sacrifices can get draining. The long days are BRUTAL. However, that’s a part of the journey towards accomplishing any big goal.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to get this. This can be applied to your job, your fitness journey, your finances, and whatever other goal you have in mind. Fall in love with the ups and downs of the process. Results will come, though they may lag a bit at times. Appreciate where you are right now in your journey and realize that every day, good or bad, is all a part of your life plan.

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I’ve found that the one thing you often need to succeed in business, as an employee, to accomplish a big goal, or to overcome obstacles…is passion. Once you have passion, you tap into a crazy force of energy that you can’t get anywhere else. Wherever you are in your journey remember this…the EASY DAYS are NOT nearly as memorable as the grind. Appreciate where you are today and recognize it’s part of the plan to get you where your going. Enjoy it. I’m going through it now with The Calendar Club. The rain, snow, pain, cold, doubt….it’s all what makes the journey so amazing. The end result is just the gravy. As they say….If you have passion the impossible can happen. #PassionForTheProcess. SIDENOTE: This video is from lesson 2 (titled “Build The Machine”) of my Build Your Life Resume “mini course”. The course is a roadmap for accomplishing goals and living a life with more experiences and adventure (with some business strategies sprinkled in). The next course starts tomorrow. LINK IN BIO. If it doesn’t make every area of your life better…you get your money back. Simple. #BYLR

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