This #MondayMotivation quote from philosopher William James is a reminder that your thoughts have a lot of weight when it comes to your results.

Just like with this quote, I talk about the power of positive thinking because I’ve seen it for myself. Your thoughts about any given situation, positive or negative, affect your actions which, ultimately, is what affects your results. When you’re in a mostly negative headspace (especially at the beginning of something hard), you don’t really want to do much of anything and it’s harder to push through. When you don’t really believe in yourself and the fact that you can achieve your goals, you don’t go as hard towards them. That leaves you sorta, kinda achieving what you want.

However, when you evaluate what you bring to the table and believe in that wholeheartedly, you have more positive energy towards your work and are more likely to work harder towards what you want. And that’s even if things aren’t quite panning out to where you want to be. Just the fact that you know and believe in your purpose and what you have to offer changes everything.

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