Words of Wisdom: “Dare To Be Different”-Sigurd Vedal

Here’s a powerful Words of Wisdom video from entrepreneur Sigurd Vedal to encourage y’all today!

In the clip, Sigurd talks about how most people settle for average while those who are highly successful go above and beyond. Successful people typically don’t fit in with a good bit of people around them because people don’t understand their commitment to higher standards and excellent work. But that’s okay. We should celebrate the fact that we are different in that regard.

I really felt this! This, in no way, is to make it seem like I’m better than people (clearly not), but I know that I hate doing average work or being involved in anything that’s not well put together. That’s how I’ve always been, which is why I HIGHKEY hate group projects because a lot of people are comfortable with doing the bare minimum to skate by. I used to feel like something was wrong with me because of that. But I get that it’s okay to want to do your best and operate at a higher level. Granted, I had to let some of my perfectionism go a bit, but I still give my all in what I do.

The same goes for all of you. Dare to be different in your execution levels and then find the right people who will support and encourage you on your endeavors and vice versa.

Check out Sigurd’s wise words below.


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