Inspirational Jam: “No Excuses”-NF


“Yeah, I don’t wanna hear excuses
I just like to make moves and make improvements
I just like to break rules, maybe start some new trends
Live the life that I choose, cuttin’ off the loose ends…”

I don’t remember where exactly I heard this Inspirational Jam but it was within the past few months. Immediately, rapper NF‘s track “No Excuses” made its way on both my Work Hustle and Fitness playlists on my iPhone. And for good reason.

On the track, NF raps about his own life and career, as well as working with other people. The gist of the song is that there is literally no excuse to not give your all in whatever field you choose or goal you set for yourself. Which we all know right? But sometimes we need a reminder. This track will do it.

Sometimes, we like to make excuses for why we haven’t completed tasks or gotten our ideas off the ground. I used to throw around excuses a lot myself so I know, but my lack of movement often stemmed from insecurities, fears, and downright laziness. I get now that there’s no reason to not commit to doing your best in whatever place you are in life. That’s what this song reminds me of everytime I hear it. I have no excuses when it comes to my personal development, my health, my work. Neither do you. Even if you have to start small, at least start and stay on the ball.

Take a listen to the track below!

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