Inspirational Jam: “2econd Wind”-Anthony Brown and group therAPy

Lord I need you to hold my hand…though I am tired, I won’t give in. I just need a second wind…”

Wanted to share this special song from gospel artist Anthony Brown and group therAPy as today’s Inspirational Jam.

The Minister of Youth and Young Adults at my church sent “2econd Wind” to me after a brief text conversation. He noticed that my vibe was off at an event we were both attending and reached out to me a few days later. I admitted that I was having a tough week, feeling very burnt out from everything I have going on. I took some time to relax and regroup, but when I listened to this song, it gave me hope and strength.

Even as a Christian and an inspirational writer, I don’t ever have it all together. I have my rough moments, my mean moments, and emotional hurdles like we all do. However, this song encouraged me especially as I continue to grow in my faith. I share it because we all have times where we need to be restored and refresh in our journeys. That’s what this song is about. I hope and pray that it blesses someone who needs it.

Take a listen to the song below!

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