Words of Wisdom: “Practice Who You Want to Be”-Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

These Words of Wisdom from my forever First Lady Michelle Obama puts things into perspective when it comes to our daily habits impacting us longterm.

While at an event, First Lady Obama mentions that she tells her daughters Malia and Sasha that they are practicing who they are going to be in the long term every single day. It starts with our daily choices. If we slack off and procrastinate all of the time, we’ll more than likely live that way as we get older. If we are dependable and trustworthy to others now, then we will continue to make a conscious effort to remain that way.

Yes, we all have the capacity to change and become better but our habits follow us—good or bad. That’s whether we’re neat or messy. If we like to be on time or if we’re notoriously late. If we go above and beyond with our tasks or if we do the bare minimum to slide by. If we complain and whine or take accountability for ourselves. Every day, we are practicing who we will be with the decisions we make. So what type of person do you want to be and what will you change or do to get there?

Watch First Lady Obama’s wise words below!


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