I have this simple but real #MondayMotivation quote pinned up by my desk. I hope that it motivates you all to keep moving too.

Between my 9-5, writing gigs, working on this site and other outside activities, I’ve been running all over the place. And recently, I’ve been mad about it and complaining to myself. It’s tiring sometimes for real and I’ve been wanting to just quit it all. Especially on the days when things don’t pan out how I think they should. I make excuses that I’m oh so tired when, a lot of times, I’m just being lazy.

The audacity of me.

When I saw this quote, it reminded me that I asked for all of these things. I really want to make some big changes for my future and that requires serious time and effort, even when I don’t feel like it. I can make excuses if I want to, but that’s not going to get me to where I want to be. You either. We can stop and rest when we need to, but we can’t slack off and fall back. We’ll never get to our end goals that way.

Instead of complaining or finding a reason not to do something, push yourself to get it done. Find a way. Not an excuse.

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