Inspirational Jam: “Infinite Possibilities”-Amel Larrieux

“He’s got infinite possibilities…I can feel them now.
If he chooses well, then nothing can tear him down.”

For today’s Inspirational Jam, I wanted to share this beautiful, calming track from Amel Larrieux!

“Infinite Possibilities” was created 20 years ago now, but its message is still relatable. The song’s focus is on a young man struggling to control his emotions which can be said for a lot of us. For me, I’ve struggled with anger issues and negative thoughts so I can really relate. For a long time, my negativity held me back from achieving more.

However, after doing some deep reflection, I saw what I needed to work on for myself. That can be done through prayer, meditation, therapy, whatever you need to do to get to a more positive place where you see a light at the end of the tunnel versus a dead end.

Take a listen to the song below!

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