Words of Wisdom: “Be Okay With Failure”-Ashley Graham

On an episode of her online show, Fearless, Ashley Graham talks with a contestant, Kristin, about her ideas of failure. Like many of us, Kristin believed that failure was not an option for her life. Ashley gently reminded her that failure will happen, but it helps us to grow. “Remember that, if and when those failures come, you’re not a failure,” Ashley tells her.

That’s a great reminder to us all because failures are inevitable. We’ll fall. We’ll get rejected. We’ll mess up. It’s a part of life. But it’s important to know that, even when we do mess up, we can get back up and keep pushing. Looking at my life, I’ve learned much more from my mistakes and slip-ups than I did from my wins. So accept that failures come in your journey, and that you will get past them.

Watch the clip below!


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