I saw this #MondayMotivation quote and thought how perfectly it fit my life right now. So I figured I’d share in the hopes that someone else would get something out of it.

I’m in an interesting phase of my career right now. Between my 9-5 where I could potentially grow and my freelance writing career, I’m feeling a little bit of imposter syndrome lately. It’s the latest term for feeling inadequate and fraudulent in spite of possible success. I struggle with self-doubts on both fronts and it’s almost leading me to not want to step out of my comfort zone again for fear of looking dumb or not up to par.

But what would I learn if I went back to doing that?

I wouldn’t learn anything. I would stay stuck right where I am. You don’t grow by shrinking yourself. You grow by taking chances (as calculated as they can be but chances nonetheless), taking some hits, making some mistakes, getting some wins and losses. None of that can happen in your comfort zone. You burn your future chances staying stagnant…no matter how much you’ve already accomplished. So I’ve been going for things behind the scenes. I’ve been challenging myself to learn more and do more so that I can achieve more. I want more in 2020. Don’t you?

Well stepping outside of temporary comfort just comes with the territory. I’d rather try and fail than miss out on any opportunity because I was too nervous.

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