Words of Wisdom: “Stop Undervaluing Your Talents”-Nicole McLaren Campbell

Nicole McLaren Campbell

I had to share this Words of Wisdom clip from speaker and educator Nicole McLaren Campbell today because it’s currently what I’m working through.

Oh, this is a big one. I even had a talk with my boss about this recently. Often, we discredit our skills because they come naturally to us. It doesn’t seem like we ought to I’ve done it all the time. Now, I’m recognizing that the things that I think are so small and that everybody should be able to do, many people DON’T know how to do, struggle with, or don’t put in the time to do it. My natural skills with details, organization, and writing have proven very valuable in my work over the years.

Our skills can ultimately help others in ways that we may have never thought. You can even get paid for it, for real. But first, you have to recognize the value that you offer. Let’s work on that in 2020, yeah?

Watch the clip below!

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GIVE YOUR NATURAL SKILLS CREDIT! There are a lot of people who can’t do what you do, or not as easily, or who simply do not want to do it – happy to pay you! . There is a whole world and likely flourishing, abundant business on the other side of your undervaluing! . Stop taking your skills for granted! Today! 🙅🏽‍♀️ . #NationalProductivityAmbassador #goalAcceleratorPodcast #goalaccelerator #personaldevelopment #entrepreneurSkills #GOALACCELERATORCLUB #levelUp #goals #successexpert #passion #success #successtips #mompreneur #womeninbusiness #Winning #SuccessCoach #Inspiration #Motivation #ProfessionalSpeaker #visionboard #NicoleMcLarenCampbell #Jamaican #mentalstrength #resilience #MakeitCount #staymotivated #victory #girlboss #bestlifenow #productive

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